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TOP HEPAVITA supports liver and intestinal function and can be used throughout the year. The product contains substances that support the liver as well as herbs that assist both intestine and liver in their proper functioning and serve as a source of energy.

In addition, the product also contains magnesium and beet that improve physical condition during the racing season. The presence of important essential amino acids provides both excellent support in the production of feathers and protection against certain diseases. L-lysine is an amino acid that can inhibit the replication of a virus such as herpes in the cell.

Moreover, TOP HEPAVITA stimulates the appetite and is tasty for the pigeons. Because of all these properties TOP HEPAVITA is an excellent support product during the racing season. An advantage of this liver supporter is the fact that Top Hepavita, despite the liver protection, does not prevent fatty liver.

Directions for use: 

Moisten the feed with 2 teaspoons (8-10ml) for 25 pigeons per day or 2 teaspoons (8-10ml) per liter of drinking water per day.

TOP HEPAVITA can also be administered together with TOP OMEGA 3 on the feed by halving the dosage of both. Mix shortly before feeding and dry with TOP PROBIOTICS, TOP PERFORMANCE or TOP PROTEIN.


Content: 1 liter.

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