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This product is the basis of the NEXT LEVEL supplemental method. It is a very complete dietary supplement based on vitamins B, C, E, trace elements, coenzymes, cofactors, antioxidants, natural products and balanced animal proteins. This product also contains an ideal amount of exogenous ketones, so that the pigeons can cope with more efforts in a shorter time span.

Ketones are produced by the body when there is a general lack of energy in the body. By administering exogenous ketones, the body gets used to burn ketones in muscles and brains, including those produced by the body itself, for example during a competition. This helps the pigeons to cope with a succession of races.

TOP PERFORMANCE also contains supplements to promote endurance in terms of both energy supply and fatigue. There is strong support for the functioning of the mitochondria. These are the power plants of the cell and therefore ensure the processing of energy reserves into energy. There is more effective fatty acid transport from the cell into the mitochondria and faster metabolization and energy processing in the liver.

TOP PERFORMANCE provides great anti-oxidative protection, which is important for sporting performance and the administration of high-fat food. There is a greater training effect and it supports the production of hemoglobin that is responsible for the transport of oxygen in the blood and of myoglobin that ensures the oxygen uptake in the muscles. It promotes muscle building during the administration period.

In general, TOP PERFORMANCE ensures a higher and more efficient metabolism, so that the pigeon generally feels better, trains more easily and gets into shape faster.

Thanks to TOP PERFORMANCE (capsules) with ketones, pigeons will recover faster and reach a higher condition. The efficiency of TOP PERFORMANCE increases by applying the NEXT LEVEL system by using TOP PERFORMANCE in combination with TOP PROTEIN, TOP AMPUL and TOP RECUP.

Instructions for proper use

Two capsules/pigeon immediately to administer after their arrival of a race (within 10 minutes). Afterwards 2 capsules/pigeon to administer, as an alternative for Top Performance powder, on the days as mentioned in the feeding schedule. Capsules can be administered with an empty stomach or after the feeding. The effect raises if just upfront training sessions administered.

Before administering the capsule, best to moisten slightly so it's easier to swallow for the pigeons.


Content: 240 or 360 caps.

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