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News by Vet. Ruben Lanckriet



TOP HEPAVITA supports liver and intestinal function and can be used throughout the year. The product contains substances that support the liver as well as herbs that assist both intestine and liver in their proper functioning and serve as a source of energy. In addition, the product also contains magnesium and beet that improve physical condition during the racing season. The presence of important essential amino acids provides both excellent support in the production of feathers and protection against certain diseases. L-lysine is an amino acid that can inhibit the replication of a virus such as herpes in the cell. Moreover, TOP HEPAVITA stimulates the appetite and is tasty for the pigeons.

Because of all these properties TOP HEPAVITA is an excellent support product during the racing season. An advantage of this liver supporter is the fact that Top Hepavita, despite the liver protection, does not prevent fatty liver. The latter is important in the basketing of races with several hours of effort. In pigeons, liver fattening before the race is just an advantage. The energy that these pigeons have accumulated in the form of fat and glycogen in the liver is used during the race. Therefore, you can successfully continue to give TOP HEPAVITA (even in long distance and heavy long distance races) until just before basketing. 

TOP HEPAVITA is also excellent in a system of weekly basketing for middle- and long distance races because here too a good accumulation of fats in the liver is very important. TOP HEPAVITA also stimulates the appetite. This is an extra advantage in such races because it is very important that the pigeons continue to eat well until just before basketing. Red beet root is positive for a good oxygen transport in the blood and therefore ensures a good physical condition. Magnesium is important for good nerve and muscle function. From speed to heavy long distance this product gives excellent results!

Because of the liver support and the good effect on feather production TOP HEPAVITA is also an excellent product to use during moulting. Regular administration of this product helps the pigeons to produce new feathers very efficiently.

The general positive effects on the intestine and liver, but also the better resistance against diseases and the appetite stimulation make TOP HEPAVITA a support for every season and for all pigeons.

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