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The NEXT LEVEL pigeon racing range is a revolutionary new range for racing pigeons. On the one hand the products help with a particularly fast recovery and on the other hand ensure a greater "training effect" and general condition. This supplement system has been developed according to the "simple and efficient" principle.

Modern pigeon sport has evolved into newer ways of training, nutrition, racing methods and medical supervision. Everyone knows that the races have been going faster and faster in the last decades and pigeons often fly more races in a shorter time. In addition to the continued genetic improvement of the racing pigeon, guidance and training is an important factor in this. 

Pigeon sport has simply become top sport. In a certain sense, this can be perfectly compared to how top sport has evolved for human athletes, although the methods for people are still further advanced.

It is also a fact that pigeons, with proper guidance, are capable of much more than what was generally accepted 30 years ago. Successfully racing weekly at races of 500 km and beyond is no longer a special exception.

The NEXT LEVEL pigeon racing method has been designed and tested to support pigeons cope with such competition programs, from speed to extreme long distance distances. In addition to the choice for an energy-rich and balanced diet and the frequent administration of a fresh, good grit mixture, this method enables pigeons to have an intensive training and flight program and be able to become even better as the races progress, provided the pigeons are genetically suitable for this.

This scientifically based method has been improved and tested for years; and is also based, among other things, on
the latest insights from human sports medicine. Just like endurance sports have changed a lot in humans and have evolved in terms of nutrition and guidance, a lot of progress is still possible in the pigeon sport. 

This supplement system has been developed according to the "simple and efficient" principle. After all in-between baskets there are often only 4 to 5 days the pigeons are at home in which everything must happen. On the one hand the products help with a particularly fast recovery and on the other hand ensure a greater "training effect" and general condition.

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